Reduce your carbon footprint and your bills

With FlexyGrid you can monitor and optimise consumption.

You can also create and manage a renewables energy community in all steps, from managing optimum transactions of production, consumption and accumulation. Achieving economical benefit for all actors of the energy system, spanning across residential/industrial users and electric mobility.

Renewable Energy Communities enable individuals, companies and public authorities to:

Lower energy bills

Increasing your energy efficiency, reducing costs and earning with incentives

Reduce the environmental impact

Generating, exchanging and consuming 100% renewable 0 km energy produced

Rapid the return on investment

Never before is the time to invest in renewable energy. FlexyGrid makes everything easier!

Why FlexyGrid

FlexyGrid offers a simple and user-friendly web platform that you can manage independently from your device and will enable a user to become energy savvy, reduce costs and monetize efficiency!

You're in control

With our Software for Energy Communities you can smartly manage your consumption.

In which time slot is it more convenient to consume or sell the energy you are accumulating?

Find out with us!

Easy and intuitive

FlexyGrid platform has been designed to be simple and user friendly for:

  • Individuals
  • SMEs
  • Local or regional authorities, including municipalities

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption

Sharing and optimisation of energy flows

Speed up decarbonisation

Significant reduction in overall costs

How to join an Energy Community

What type of user are you?


Do you want to consume green energy?


Do you have solar panels? If not, would you like to install them to share your excess energy?

Community manager

Do you want to manage a Renewable Energy Community? We explain step by step how to do

Download our Energy Communities Quick Guide for FREE!

Produce, consume and share 100% renewable energy quickly and easily ⚡

Access all the available economic incentives of the latest regulations.

Discover how through the support of our team of specialized managers with proven experience in the energy and sustainability industry

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